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Remember the summer days as a kid waking up and you had to worry about is who you were going to play with outside. Sadly this isn’t the case for children all around the world working in Sweatshops.[1] In developing countries, an estimated 250 million children ages 5 to 14 are forced to work.  There are getting almost no pay and working in horrible conditions and only getting a piece of bread to eat. If you’re already getting hardly any money would you want to work in a horrible workplace where it can collapse any time. I feel horrible about this subject and no children should ever forced to work in such horrible conditions for the little pay they get.


In this photo you can see the horrible workplace conditions they are forced to work in.



Sadly these children have no choice to work because this is there only way of really getting money. In today’s world where we live in we get paid minimum wage which is around 11 dollars depending on the workplace.[2] These kids work 10 hours a day and make less than 5 dollars. Can you imagine working for 10 hours which is extremely long in a horrible condition workplace and only getting 5 dollars. What are you going to do with the 5 bucks maybe buy a chips bag from a convenience store.



[3] Major companies like Nike,Walmart,Sears and H&M all sadly has used sweatshops in the past. I find this sad because these companies are all multi-million if not billionaire companies. Why would they let children do the dirty work for them? Well its easy they get children because they can easily work the long hours and are basically forced to work long hours because they have no other way of making money to live off. Rather these companies be paying children normal minimum wage there paying them almost nothing to make huge profit.


In this video you can see the horrible work conditions that children had to work in. It explains how probably the biggest sports company in the world uses sweatshops and children to make major profit. I find this video very informative

and changed my view on Nike and these major companies.


There has been many protests and boycotts but in my opinion nothing will change, its easy to hide from the government even though there is enough proof nothing will change because sadly these companies have way to much power in the world we live in today.


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