Reflecting on the start

I’m starting to read a book called “Football Hero” written by Tim Green. I chose this book because I’m very interested in watching and playing sports so I thought this book would kind connect to me.

So far the main characters   are Ty who is the main character of the story being the brother of a famous football player. Both his parents died and he lives with his Uncle Gus and Aunt Virginia. I feel like he gets treated very bad by his uncle and aunt because they kind of take advantage of him. They make him do work that no 12 year old should ever do. They also talk to him in a really bad manner in a way an uncle and aunt shouldn’t.


His big brother Ty is attending Syracuse a huge college school. In the book Ty always has flash backs when he used to live with his brother which are kind of life lessons, I found it very interesting because it always reflects to what’s happening in his life.His brother is famous and very good at football so it brings Ty’s expectations up by a lot. His coach asked Ty to try out for the spring Football team because he thought he had the same talents as his brother. 

Before the practice Ty had a flash back of his brother telling him to ” always tie his shoes before heading on the field” which Ty remembered to but didn’t have time because there was no time. He ended up tripping and losing the ball he caught and was a laughing stock. This is what i was talking about when i said he would always have flashbacks that was reflect in things happening in his life. I love the way the author put that it it makes the book way more interesting to read and look forward to.

The genre of this book is a normal fiction story and i picked this genre because its a really simple story and I personally don’t like reading books that are way to complex because i always get lost reading it. So far this book is interesting and i defiantly want to read more and see what happens next.

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