Getting into it

Journal entry #2

In the 30 pages read this session a lot happened. One thing I want to say is that I love this author because of the way he describes things. For example when he describes Ty catching the football he says “He felt the sharp ache of straining ligaments in his shoulders. His fingers touched the ball, saving it from the ground the way a desperate flipper keeps a pinball in play.” This made way easier to imagine when reading the part. It really felt like I was in the book watching it happen.

It feels like Ty is getting used by his Uncle Gus and by the owner of a bar he cleans at Lucy. After Uncle Gus lost a huge bet on a baseball game he went to the bar asking Lucy for money bbecause he just lost it all. Seems like Uncle Gus has a huge gambling problem. Ty was cleaning in the bathroom until his uncle came in frustrated because he lost the bet and told him to clean spots that weren’t dirty. Uncle Gus and Lucy got In a huge argument about the lost money from the bet. They decided to use Ty for his brother. Uncle Gus wasn’t going to let Ty go in the first place until Lucy made him to so he can get his brother to come to the bar.

I think he wanted Ty to bring his brother to the bar so he can use him for his gambling. I think Lucy is going to tell his brother to lose the game on purpose so he can win the money by threatening him. Uncle Gus did tell Ty Lucy was in the mafia also so I’m  sure something shady is about to happen. So far this book is really good and i highly recommend it so far. I hope my opinion doesn’t change later in the book.

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