So Far Gone

Journal entry #3

Pgs 76-110

This session was a very entertaining one. Ty finally got to hang out with his brother. It was very at one point when Ty entered the limo with his brother thane they started  crying about there parents. It was very sad when reading it because I don’t know what I would do if my parents passed away. Thanes dads dream was to see his sons play in the NFL and be successful in life. There parents were never wealthy and lived  in a really small house and could hardly put food on the table. They were going to be wealthy because of the NFL signing and wished there parents were still alive.

One thing I don’t understand is why Ty treats his Uncle with respect when his uncle treats him horribly. When his brother asked him if everything was going well. He said “yes there treating me fine” when in reality they aren’t. He isn’t allowed to play the sport that his dad wanted him to play even though he was really good. Right when he comes back from school he is forced to go different bars and locations to clean bathrooms. Really harsh for a 12 year old. It feels like Ty really cares about his uncle and respects him highly.

When the Ty was hanging out with his brother they went to a sports place called “Niketown” and bought him a sweatsuit and two pairs of shoes. He finally got a pair of cleats that are stable enough. When this was all happening Ty refused because he didn’t want him to be wasting is brothers money. This kind of surprised me because if I had a brother that was going to be become a multi millionaire I would have asked for a lot. It shows Ty really cares about his brother not wasting his money so he doesn’t go broke like most athletes.

Thane took Ty to the NFL draft where he was going to be drafted by a NFL team. This is one of the biggest events of the year In the NFL to get young players on there team. He ends getting drafted 3rd overall which means he gets 27 million dollars. Ty and his brother were surprised because there were hesitant that they were going to get picked that high in the draft.


I think in the next session im about to read Thane and his Uncle are going to get in a scuffle over the bar business. Now that Thane has the money his Uncle is going to take advantage of him. I think there going to have a huge argument and thane will not want to open the bar.

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