Nothing Was The Same

Journal entry #4

Pgs 110-131

My prediction from my other blog “So Far Gone” turned out to be right. I predicted that Uncle Gus and Thane would get into an argument over the bar business. Thane had a huge celebration dinner for his NFL signing and invited Ty and his uncles family. Uncle Gus looks ignorant at the table in my opinion because why would you go to a celebration dinner just to ask about a huge topic. Makes no sence to me if someone did that at my celebration dinner I would have kicked them out.

During the argument it got real bad and it made thane say ” Ty can live with me” to his uncle which is kind of a big deal. His agent didn’t let thane because of the responsibility factor. I honestly want Ty o live with his brother because the way he gets treated by his so called second “family” is not right for a 12 year old. For some reason Ty always stands up for his Uncle and Aunt telling Thane he’s doing good and living the life. Even Charlotte who is the daughter of his uncle hates her own parents. He can’t even use the bathroom in his own HOUSE. He has to go in the forest and do his buisness out there. That’s straight blasphemous.

At the end of the session a huge deal occurred at Lucy’s bar where Ty is forced to clean every day. Lucy who is a Mafia member basically is kind of blackmailing a 12 year old which is utterly crazy to me. The deal was he was allowed to hang out with his brother every friday night and skip cleaning in return for information about NFL players. The information is used for Fantasy players to know if a player is injured or really playing. As a huge fantasy player my self I know how valuable this information is and is probably way more valuable to people that have thousands on the line.

Uncle gus was not happy about this idea because he didn’t want to clean the bathrooms on Friday every night by himself. At the end of day hes making money out of this deal. Also Ty was allowed to play football for his school team. Uncle Gus also didn’t allow him to do that either. Pretty sad for a 12 year old. If Ty refused Lucy told him he would get people to do bad things to his brother. like I said before straight blasphemous.

I personally just want Ty to confront to his brother and tell him all the dirty things his own UNCLE is making him do.

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