Connecting With the Author.

Journal entry # 5

pgs 131-160

I want to talk about the way the author writes. He really expresses the characters feeling in his writing which i think is very unique to other authors. When Im reading some parts is really feels like im in the story living it.

Like the way Ty expresses his feeling towards his uncle and brother. He always follows what his uncle tells him to do no matter what he tells him. It shows he really loves his uncle. But his uncle doesn’t love him back and doesn’t want to take care of his brothers child. Every time Ty hangs out with his brother i feel like the author wants the reader to feel like its his last time seeing his brother thane.

This book so far has somewhat connected to me because i also have a brother that i hardly see because hes off to university. Some parts in this book really connect to me in the same way Ty feels because i hardly see my brother.


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