The guide to Ty.

Character sketch journal entry #6

For this blog post I’m going to be doing a character sketch for Ty. Who is the main character of my book ” Football Hero”. Ty is a 12 year old living with his uncles family. His parents died in a car accident which is the reason he lives with them. Ty has a brother Thane who doesn’t live with Ty because he has a football career in the NFL. His brother still meets up with him on special occasions.

Ty has a very skinny physique and describes and him self as a “nerd”. His uncle aren’t close to wealthy so Ty doesn’t have much of a wardrobe to pick from. Ty is currently on the football team because of his speed.

Ty doesn’t live a normal 12 year old life. He doesn’t get to hang out with his friends and go to the park and play on the swings. He has to WORK every single day after school for countless hours. His uncle makes him and his daughter clean bathrooms for bars and restaurants and you know how dirty they can get. His uncle doesn’t treat him close like hes his nephew. He isn’t even aloud to use the bathroom in the house he has to his business in the woods. Where he lives you get you’re work permit at the age of 16. His uncle got it to him at the age of 12 which i find is really stupid.

Ty is a very respectful and on going person. He never disagrees with what anyone tells him to do and always try’s  his best to complete it. Even when his uncle doesn’t treat him like a human being he never complains because he fully respects his uncle. When his brother always asks him ” are you doing fine” he always responds saying “everything is good i love it here.” When deep down he is dying to leave. I know if i was in his place i wouldn’t ever put up with the type of stuff he deals with.

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