Deep trouble.

Journal entry #7

Pgs 160-181

Things are starting to get heated up. His brother thane could get into big trouble by the FBI. Ty has been meeting up with his brother for the past month every Friday asking about players for fantasy football. Uncle Gus and Lucy have been cashing out because of the information they have been getting. This will not end good in my opinion now that the FBI is getting involved in this. Thane could ultimately end up losing his contract with the NFL.

The FBI got involved because before this incident they knew about Lucy and how shady he was with money. Lucy is a bar owner who runs a mob and does shady things.FBI found out Lucy was using Ty to get information for fantasy players by tracking what he was doing.

Now the FBI getting involved can mean many things. Ty and Thane can ultimately work with the FBI to bust open Lucy’s shady business. I personally predict that will happen because it seems the most obvious to me. Also i don’t think the FBI will get mad at thane because he didn’t know he was being used by his brother. Also its hard for a 12 year old to not get black mailed by a mob and his own uncle.

I hope his uncle and Lucy get in big trouble and Ty gets to live with his brother at the end.

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