Post reflection

I made a Prezi for my final creative piece. Honestly I only made a Prezi because i procrastinated very heavily on this project. I was intending on making a video but in the end I had no time to do it. I would never make a Prezi again for another project because it doesn’t look and feel appealing to the reader. I wish i had never procrastinated in the first place I could have made this project way better. I feel like what i wanted to do initially didn’t really let me with Prezi. Since this was my first time ever using this program I didnt know how to use a lot of the features on the site. It also looked very rushed , and looked like it was effortless making it. On the prezi i explained each of the main characters in the book. The format on Prezi were really weird and didn’t really allow me to customize how i wanted to. As a student who’s really passionate about going into university this was a very bad project and i will learn to never procrastinate on projects again.

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