Analyzing the Film

Macbeth entry #5



In Polanski’s version of Macbeth, I got to see a lot of things visually that I could have never have gotten to feel by just reading the book. Especially the Gorey events that occurred in the movie, and the characters facial expressions that made you feel differently on how the characters truly felt.


One of the best scene’s in this movie that kind of represented Duncans and Macbeth’s relationship is when Macbeth is laying over him hesitating to kill him, and right before he does Duncan wakes up and says “Macbeth?” in a surprised tone. Like Duncan would have never ever thought that one of his good friends would be holding a dagger in front of him trying to kill him. Also the blood, and gore Polanski showed in this film represented the main theme in the play perfectly.


In the movie Polanski added some crucial things to the movie to change the readers feeling’s .One of the main things that i loved seeing visually was how the characters soliloquies were in there head but not from their mouths.That’s something  polanski crucially added in his movie that made it way better to feel. Another thing Polanski added was when Macbeth had that part where macbeth went to see the witches and saw his prophecies in like a dream. You could see the foreshadowing happening and the mood of the scene made it 100 times visually to see what was truly happening in the play.


Another thing that i noticed in the film, was polanski’s choice of music and lighting. He perfectly used them in the movie to make it way better visually for the watcher. In the scene where he kills King Duncan(see below) Polanski adds kind of a gloomy dark sound to it where it makes it more dramatic to watch. Also the lighting of the scene was dark and gloomy and it made more effective.



Overall, this movie made the play way better for me, and helped me understand the play a lot better than the book. The lighting, sounds, and props made the movie visually effective to the watcher.


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