Things will get only get worse from here.

Macbeth Entry #3

Crazy events have occurred in this act. Lady Macbeth manipulation was in full effect and it worked. Macbeth got fully brain washed to do  what he never wanted to do. King Duncan was killed in his sleep by Macbeth, and the guards were drugged by Lady Macbeth. My feelings towards Macbeth had changed in a bad way, i feel like he wasn’t really going to kill him and wasn’t going to let Lady Macbeth manipulate him. He turned from being a nice guy that knew his self worth that he was happy about to a murderer in days.


I feel like Everything is going to get worse after this. Scotland will be in sorrow, even though Macbeth will be king he will feel the guilt inside of him and i feel like he will potentially kill him self. I also feel like Lady Macbeth will be full of guilt and potentially go crazy. Malcolm and Mac duff will be full of fear and wont do next.

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