Interview with Yann Martel

Today, we have one of the best selling authors with us. Yann just released his new edition the life of pi : remastered edition. How are you doing Yann?

I’m doing amazing, It was one of my big dreams to be on this show and very eager to answer some answers!

Good to hear that, what makes this edition different from your other book?

I added an all new chapter to the novel that will change the way you see things in the book. Many exiting events happened in this chapter that i know all of you are looking forward to reading!

Why didn’t you include this chapter in the original life of pi

Well, I didn’t have this idea when i was originally writing the original. I was so into the original story where its about Pi just struggling to survive and symbolism that takes place. That i didn’t take risks to add anything that will make the book more entertaining to read. Pi was lost at sea for 200+ days, I didn’t explain what happened in each of those days so i wanted to add something for the committed lovers of this book!

Can you give you’re readers and audience a little snippet of what happens?

Well as you guys know that have read the book, around chapter 69 Pi keeps on seeing the light.  Pi finally sees the light so clear and its actually something not him hallucinating. After that it gets a whole lot of crazy.

So seeing this story is still the first of the two you told, does it have anything to do with the second story? 

Not really, it doesn’t really have a whole lot of symbolic meaning to it. It was just showing the main message more clearly. As you know Pi is a very religious person and respects all religions. In this chapter it shows you how he much faith was needed for him to survive the crazy event that has happened to him.

Thank you so much for you’re time Yann! There we have it, Yann Martel presenting Life of pi : remastered edition.

Thank you for having me here its a pleasure, I just wanted to say thank you all to my fans that have fell in love with this book. Back when i was traveling around the world i was having a hard time finding a story. I finally came up with one i loved! Hopefully you guys can share the same feeling I did when writing this novel.

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