Interview with Yann Martel

Today, we have one of the best selling authors with us. Yann just released his new edition the life of pi : remastered edition. How are you doing Yann?

I’m doing amazing, It was one of my big dreams to be on this show and very eager to answer some answers!

Good to hear that, what makes this edition different from your other book?

I added an all new chapter to the novel that will change the way you see things in the book. Many exiting events happened in this chapter that i know all of you are looking forward to reading!

Why didn’t you include this chapter in the original life of pi

Well, I didn’t have this idea when i was originally writing the original. I was so into the original story where its about Pi just struggling to survive and symbolism that takes place. That i didn’t take risks to add anything that will make the book more entertaining to read. Pi was lost at sea for 200+ days, I didn’t explain what happened in each of those days so i wanted to add something for the committed lovers of this book!

Can you give you’re readers and audience a little snippet of what happens?

Well as you guys know that have read the book, around chapter 69 Pi keeps on seeing the light.  Pi finally sees the light so clear and its actually something not him hallucinating. After that it gets a whole lot of crazy.

So seeing this story is still the first of the two you told, does it have anything to do with the second story? 

Not really, it doesn’t really have a whole lot of symbolic meaning to it. It was just showing the main message more clearly. As you know Pi is a very religious person and respects all religions. In this chapter it shows you how he much faith was needed for him to survive the crazy event that has happened to him.

Thank you so much for you’re time Yann! There we have it, Yann Martel presenting Life of pi : remastered edition.

Thank you for having me here its a pleasure, I just wanted to say thank you all to my fans that have fell in love with this book. Back when i was traveling around the world i was having a hard time finding a story. I finally came up with one i loved! Hopefully you guys can share the same feeling I did when writing this novel.

Analyzing the Film

Macbeth entry #5



In Polanski’s version of Macbeth, I got to see a lot of things visually that I could have never have gotten to feel by just reading the book. Especially the Gorey events that occurred in the movie, and the characters facial expressions that made you feel differently on how the characters truly felt.


One of the best scene’s in this movie that kind of represented Duncans and Macbeth’s relationship is when Macbeth is laying over him hesitating to kill him, and right before he does Duncan wakes up and says “Macbeth?” in a surprised tone. Like Duncan would have never ever thought that one of his good friends would be holding a dagger in front of him trying to kill him. Also the blood, and gore Polanski showed in this film represented the main theme in the play perfectly.


In the movie Polanski added some crucial things to the movie to change the readers feeling’s .One of the main things that i loved seeing visually was how the characters soliloquies were in there head but not from their mouths.That’s something  polanski crucially added in his movie that made it way better to feel. Another thing Polanski added was when Macbeth had that part where macbeth went to see the witches and saw his prophecies in like a dream. You could see the foreshadowing happening and the mood of the scene made it 100 times visually to see what was truly happening in the play.


Another thing that i noticed in the film, was polanski’s choice of music and lighting. He perfectly used them in the movie to make it way better visually for the watcher. In the scene where he kills King Duncan(see below) Polanski adds kind of a gloomy dark sound to it where it makes it more dramatic to watch. Also the lighting of the scene was dark and gloomy and it made more effective.



Overall, this movie made the play way better for me, and helped me understand the play a lot better than the book. The lighting, sounds, and props made the movie visually effective to the watcher.


Porter in action.

Macbeth Entry #4

In Polanski’s  version of porter in Macbeth, I feel it was visually represented good. The person had on perfect make-up for the character to show people how he visually acted. The way he dressed also, showed he was a very dirty and unpleasing human. It also showed kind of a humorous setting for the watchers to have after watching a very gory scene. I also noticed in Polanski’s version he skipped a lot of lines from the actual book, I feel like he did that maybe to not have that boredom factor and wanted to get straight to the point. The lighting in the movie wasn’t that great mostly because the movie was released in 1970’s and maybe didn’t have the best technology. I feel like in Polanski’s film it just had a very good dark setting and timing when he comes was excellent. Polanski’s movie I think best represented Porter for me.

In the play version, I didn’t really like the way the lighting was placed it was a very scary weird feeling watching it. It looked like someone was just glowing in mid air, i feel there wasn’t a very good setting and no props were included in it. Mostly because it’s hard to set up in a play. One thing that was good was the clothing and the facial expressions that the actor used in it, it kind of actually let you look at Porter from a different perspective.

Things will get only get worse from here.

Macbeth Entry #3

Crazy events have occurred in this act. Lady Macbeth manipulation was in full effect and it worked. Macbeth got fully brain washed to do  what he never wanted to do. King Duncan was killed in his sleep by Macbeth, and the guards were drugged by Lady Macbeth. My feelings towards Macbeth had changed in a bad way, i feel like he wasn’t really going to kill him and wasn’t going to let Lady Macbeth manipulate him. He turned from being a nice guy that knew his self worth that he was happy about to a murderer in days.


I feel like Everything is going to get worse after this. Scotland will be in sorrow, even though Macbeth will be king he will feel the guilt inside of him and i feel like he will potentially kill him self. I also feel like Lady Macbeth will be full of guilt and potentially go crazy. Malcolm and Mac duff will be full of fear and wont do next.

Lady heading in the wrong direction?

Macbeth Entry #2

I feel like Lady Macbeth is the best and worst person there is. She’s a very caring and helpful person, but at the same time a very manipulative person. I just overheard her tell Macbeth on her unpleasant plans to murder King Duncan. I feel like she is heading in the wrong direction. Will she feel the guilt in her self after what she had done? Or will she turn into the person she doesn’t want to be?. Hopefully Duncan doesn’t get manipulated into doing this. It could ruin there future and will easily bite them back. Will Scotland ever be the same with Duncan DEAD? Will lady Macbeth take her life after what she had done?

Views from the castle

Macbeth journal entry #1

1) King Duncan– Feels Macbeth is very worthy gentleman. In Act I, King Duncan sees Macbeth as a loyal soldier and countryman. He hears that Macbeth has killed the treacherous MacDonwald. The sergeant enters and tells the king about the brave actions of Macbeth. Duncan also crowns him as Thane of Cawdor after rebel was executed. Also referred to Macbeth as “Valiant cousin” which maybe tells the reads that there related.

I fully disagree with this because King Duncan soon finds out Macbeth is nothing as he thought he would be. Also Macbeth could have easily just did all this to impress King Duncan so he can get the higher status. No one will ever suspect him to be the murderer if him and Duncan have a good clean relationship.

2) Lady Macbeth: Lady Macbeth sees Macbeth as a very soft and unwilling human. “too full o’ the milk of human kindness / To catch the nearest way” (1.5.17-18) She thinks Macbeth is to nice to do what it takes to kill King Duncan.. Which is what the nearest way to victory is in her books.

I disagree because why would you ever kill someone that you have a good relationship with? I feel like its easy for lady Macbeth to call him soft because she doesn’t feel the same way about Duncan as Macbeth. Macbeth sees King Duncan has a hard-worker and knows his death will bring sorrow to Scotland.

3) Thanes : The thanes see him as a new guy in town, and feel that Macbeth is very unacknowledged. They don’t want to create a relationship with him very soon because they don’t really know what hes really thinking.

I fully agree with the Thanes thinking this way. I feel like there doing this because they maybe don’t want to make a mistake with fully trusting and creating a relationship when they hardly know him. Just like how King Duncan is doing to Macbeth.


4) Macbeth: Macbeth knew his part at the beginning of the play, knew his worth and what he was among people. It all started trembling down, he started to have a different view on how things worked and wanted different things. This happened when he got his prophecy from the witches. He knew what had to be done to be king. Lady Macbeth started to influence Macbeth into killing Duncan, then Macbeth changed but not for the better.

I agree with this description, if the witches had never gave him his prophecy’s than Macbeth wouldn’t have changed into this “monster” he has become.


5) Hussein Reda: I feel like Macbeth knows what he is seen as people and didn’t really want it to change. He had a good relationship with King Duncan, and was seen as one of the higher ups. He became Thane of Cawdor and had a wife. But then i feel like he maybe got brain washed to do what was wrong. He heard his prophecy and ever since then he changed.



Act 1 Scene 7 Soliloquy

In this Soliloquy it really shows Macbeth’s feelings towards killing King Duncan.

“Commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice .To our own lips.”  Here Macbeth is saying Karma will come back to haunt you if he would kill King Duncan. Also feels like King Duncan is really good king and doesn’t deserve to die. Also says the only thing that his really influencing to commit the act, is ambition. My feeling towards Macbeth hasn’t changed at all. Like i said before i feel like he is a good person knows his worth. He also sees King Duncan has a really good person and doesn’t want to change it.




Post reflection

I made a Prezi for my final creative piece. Honestly I only made a Prezi because i procrastinated very heavily on this project. I was intending on making a video but in the end I had no time to do it. I would never make a Prezi again for another project because it doesn’t look and feel appealing to the reader. I wish i had never procrastinated in the first place I could have made this project way better. I feel like what i wanted to do initially didn’t really let me with Prezi. Since this was my first time ever using this program I didnt know how to use a lot of the features on the site. It also looked very rushed , and looked like it was effortless making it. On the prezi i explained each of the main characters in the book. The format on Prezi were really weird and didn’t really allow me to customize how i wanted to. As a student who’s really passionate about going into university this was a very bad project and i will learn to never procrastinate on projects again.