Big mistake.

Journal entry #8

Pgs 181-200

A lot of weird events happened in this session, things that i didn’t really expect happening after what happened last session. If you guys didn’t already know Ty is on the school football team. His speed and athleticism is what makes him a very good player. There’s a guy named ‘Calvin west’ on Ty’s team and he loves to pick and bully Ty during practices even when there on the same team.

So after practice Calvin and his friends wanted to go beat up Ty for literately no reason. Ty tells them he doesn’t want to fight and doesn’t want to get in trouble. I don’t blame him not everyone wants to get suspended for a fight that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. So Charlotte (Ty’s cousin who he lives with) come in and protects Ty. Calvin pushes Charlotte and pushes her face. Charlotte is a 12 year old girl and Calvin isn’t. That literately made no sense to me how you could push a 12 year old girl like that. Charlotte hits Calvin in  the head with a metal lunch box and pushes him off the stairs.

He ended up breaking an arm and getting a concussion. Now his football year is ruined for something he could have avoided if he didn’t act like a fool. I guess he deserved it, and was asking for it by pushing Ty around and a 12 year old girl. The principle didn’t end up suspending neither of them because it was self defense and uncle Gus threatened to sue the school if they did.

Was a very entertaining read, now that I’m getting close to the end I’m wondering what exciting things happen next.


Deep trouble.

Journal entry #7

Pgs 160-181

Things are starting to get heated up. His brother thane could get into big trouble by the FBI. Ty has been meeting up with his brother for the past month every Friday asking about players for fantasy football. Uncle Gus and Lucy have been cashing out because of the information they have been getting. This will not end good in my opinion now that the FBI is getting involved in this. Thane could ultimately end up losing his contract with the NFL.

The FBI got involved because before this incident they knew about Lucy and how shady he was with money. Lucy is a bar owner who runs a mob and does shady things.FBI found out Lucy was using Ty to get information for fantasy players by tracking what he was doing.

Now the FBI getting involved can mean many things. Ty and Thane can ultimately work with the FBI to bust open Lucy’s shady business. I personally predict that will happen because it seems the most obvious to me. Also i don’t think the FBI will get mad at thane because he didn’t know he was being used by his brother. Also its hard for a 12 year old to not get black mailed by a mob and his own uncle.

I hope his uncle and Lucy get in big trouble and Ty gets to live with his brother at the end.

So Far Gone

Journal entry #3

Pgs 76-110

This session was a very entertaining one. Ty finally got to hang out with his brother. It was very at one point when Ty entered the limo with his brother thane they started  crying about there parents. It was very sad when reading it because I don’t know what I would do if my parents passed away. Thanes dads dream was to see his sons play in the NFL and be successful in life. There parents were never wealthy and lived  in a really small house and could hardly put food on the table. They were going to be wealthy because of the NFL signing and wished there parents were still alive.

One thing I don’t understand is why Ty treats his Uncle with respect when his uncle treats him horribly. When his brother asked him if everything was going well. He said “yes there treating me fine” when in reality they aren’t. He isn’t allowed to play the sport that his dad wanted him to play even though he was really good. Right when he comes back from school he is forced to go different bars and locations to clean bathrooms. Really harsh for a 12 year old. It feels like Ty really cares about his uncle and respects him highly.

When the Ty was hanging out with his brother they went to a sports place called “Niketown” and bought him a sweatsuit and two pairs of shoes. He finally got a pair of cleats that are stable enough. When this was all happening Ty refused because he didn’t want him to be wasting is brothers money. This kind of surprised me because if I had a brother that was going to be become a multi millionaire I would have asked for a lot. It shows Ty really cares about his brother not wasting his money so he doesn’t go broke like most athletes.

Thane took Ty to the NFL draft where he was going to be drafted by a NFL team. This is one of the biggest events of the year In the NFL to get young players on there team. He ends getting drafted 3rd overall which means he gets 27 million dollars. Ty and his brother were surprised because there were hesitant that they were going to get picked that high in the draft.


I think in the next session im about to read Thane and his Uncle are going to get in a scuffle over the bar business. Now that Thane has the money his Uncle is going to take advantage of him. I think there going to have a huge argument and thane will not want to open the bar.

Getting into it

Journal entry #2

In the 30 pages read this session a lot happened. One thing I want to say is that I love this author because of the way he describes things. For example when he describes Ty catching the football he says “He felt the sharp ache of straining ligaments in his shoulders. His fingers touched the ball, saving it from the ground the way a desperate flipper keeps a pinball in play.” This made way easier to imagine when reading the part. It really felt like I was in the book watching it happen.

It feels like Ty is getting used by his Uncle Gus and by the owner of a bar he cleans at Lucy. After Uncle Gus lost a huge bet on a baseball game he went to the bar asking Lucy for money bbecause he just lost it all. Seems like Uncle Gus has a huge gambling problem. Ty was cleaning in the bathroom until his uncle came in frustrated because he lost the bet and told him to clean spots that weren’t dirty. Uncle Gus and Lucy got In a huge argument about the lost money from the bet. They decided to use Ty for his brother. Uncle Gus wasn’t going to let Ty go in the first place until Lucy made him to so he can get his brother to come to the bar.

I think he wanted Ty to bring his brother to the bar so he can use him for his gambling. I think Lucy is going to tell his brother to lose the game on purpose so he can win the money by threatening him. Uncle Gus did tell Ty Lucy was in the mafia also so I’m  sure something shady is about to happen. So far this book is really good and i highly recommend it so far. I hope my opinion doesn’t change later in the book.

Reflecting on the start

I’m starting to read a book called “Football Hero” written by Tim Green. I chose this book because I’m very interested in watching and playing sports so I thought this book would kind connect to me.

So far the main characters   are Ty who is the main character of the story being the brother of a famous football player. Both his parents died and he lives with his Uncle Gus and Aunt Virginia. I feel like he gets treated very bad by his uncle and aunt because they kind of take advantage of him. They make him do work that no 12 year old should ever do. They also talk to him in a really bad manner in a way an uncle and aunt shouldn’t.


His big brother Ty is attending Syracuse a huge college school. In the book Ty always has flash backs when he used to live with his brother which are kind of life lessons, I found it very interesting because it always reflects to what’s happening in his life.His brother is famous and very good at football so it brings Ty’s expectations up by a lot. His coach asked Ty to try out for the spring Football team because he thought he had the same talents as his brother. 

Before the practice Ty had a flash back of his brother telling him to ” always tie his shoes before heading on the field” which Ty remembered to but didn’t have time because there was no time. He ended up tripping and losing the ball he caught and was a laughing stock. This is what i was talking about when i said he would always have flashbacks that was reflect in things happening in his life. I love the way the author put that it it makes the book way more interesting to read and look forward to.

The genre of this book is a normal fiction story and i picked this genre because its a really simple story and I personally don’t like reading books that are way to complex because i always get lost reading it. So far this book is interesting and i defiantly want to read more and see what happens next.