Interview with Yann Martel

Today, we have one of the best selling authors with us. Yann just released his new edition the life of pi : remastered edition. How are you doing Yann?

I’m doing amazing, It was one of my big dreams to be on this show and very eager to answer some answers!

Good to hear that, what makes this edition different from your other book?

I added an all new chapter to the novel that will change the way you see things in the book. Many exiting events happened in this chapter that i know all of you are looking forward to reading!

Why didn’t you include this chapter in the original life of pi

Well, I didn’t have this idea when i was originally writing the original. I was so into the original story where its about Pi just struggling to survive and symbolism that takes place. That i didn’t take risks to add anything that will make the book more entertaining to read. Pi was lost at sea for 200+ days, I didn’t explain what happened in each of those days so i wanted to add something for the committed lovers of this book!

Can you give you’re readers and audience a little snippet of what happens?

Well as you guys know that have read the book, around chapter 69 Pi keeps on seeing the light.  Pi finally sees the light so clear and its actually something not him hallucinating. After that it gets a whole lot of crazy.

So seeing this story is still the first of the two you told, does it have anything to do with the second story? 

Not really, it doesn’t really have a whole lot of symbolic meaning to it. It was just showing the main message more clearly. As you know Pi is a very religious person and respects all religions. In this chapter it shows you how he much faith was needed for him to survive the crazy event that has happened to him.

Thank you so much for you’re time Yann! There we have it, Yann Martel presenting Life of pi : remastered edition.

Thank you for having me here its a pleasure, I just wanted to say thank you all to my fans that have fell in love with this book. Back when i was traveling around the world i was having a hard time finding a story. I finally came up with one i loved! Hopefully you guys can share the same feeling I did when writing this novel.

Post reflection

I made a Prezi for my final creative piece. Honestly I only made a Prezi because i procrastinated very heavily on this project. I was intending on making a video but in the end I had no time to do it. I would never make a Prezi again for another project because it doesn’t look and feel appealing to the reader. I wish i had never procrastinated in the first place I could have made this project way better. I feel like what i wanted to do initially didn’t really let me with Prezi. Since this was my first time ever using this program I didnt know how to use a lot of the features on the site. It also looked very rushed , and looked like it was effortless making it. On the prezi i explained each of the main characters in the book. The format on Prezi were really weird and didn’t really allow me to customize how i wanted to. As a student who’s really passionate about going into university this was a very bad project and i will learn to never procrastinate on projects again.

The guide to Ty.

Character sketch journal entry #6

For this blog post I’m going to be doing a character sketch for Ty. Who is the main character of my book ” Football Hero”. Ty is a 12 year old living with his uncles family. His parents died in a car accident which is the reason he lives with them. Ty has a brother Thane who doesn’t live with Ty because he has a football career in the NFL. His brother still meets up with him on special occasions.

Ty has a very skinny physique and describes and him self as a “nerd”. His uncle aren’t close to wealthy so Ty doesn’t have much of a wardrobe to pick from. Ty is currently on the football team because of his speed.

Ty doesn’t live a normal 12 year old life. He doesn’t get to hang out with his friends and go to the park and play on the swings. He has to WORK every single day after school for countless hours. His uncle makes him and his daughter clean bathrooms for bars and restaurants and you know how dirty they can get. His uncle doesn’t treat him close like hes his nephew. He isn’t even aloud to use the bathroom in the house he has to his business in the woods. Where he lives you get you’re work permit at the age of 16. His uncle got it to him at the age of 12 which i find is really stupid.

Ty is a very respectful and on going person. He never disagrees with what anyone tells him to do and always try’s  his best to complete it. Even when his uncle doesn’t treat him like a human being he never complains because he fully respects his uncle. When his brother always asks him ” are you doing fine” he always responds saying “everything is good i love it here.” When deep down he is dying to leave. I know if i was in his place i wouldn’t ever put up with the type of stuff he deals with.

Connecting With the Author.

Journal entry # 5

pgs 131-160

I want to talk about the way the author writes. He really expresses the characters feeling in his writing which i think is very unique to other authors. When Im reading some parts is really feels like im in the story living it.

Like the way Ty expresses his feeling towards his uncle and brother. He always follows what his uncle tells him to do no matter what he tells him. It shows he really loves his uncle. But his uncle doesn’t love him back and doesn’t want to take care of his brothers child. Every time Ty hangs out with his brother i feel like the author wants the reader to feel like its his last time seeing his brother thane.

This book so far has somewhat connected to me because i also have a brother that i hardly see because hes off to university. Some parts in this book really connect to me in the same way Ty feels because i hardly see my brother.


Nothing Was The Same

Journal entry #4

Pgs 110-131

My prediction from my other blog “So Far Gone” turned out to be right. I predicted that Uncle Gus and Thane would get into an argument over the bar business. Thane had a huge celebration dinner for his NFL signing and invited Ty and his uncles family. Uncle Gus looks ignorant at the table in my opinion because why would you go to a celebration dinner just to ask about a huge topic. Makes no sence to me if someone did that at my celebration dinner I would have kicked them out.

During the argument it got real bad and it made thane say ” Ty can live with me” to his uncle which is kind of a big deal. His agent didn’t let thane because of the responsibility factor. I honestly want Ty o live with his brother because the way he gets treated by his so called second “family” is not right for a 12 year old. For some reason Ty always stands up for his Uncle and Aunt telling Thane he’s doing good and living the life. Even Charlotte who is the daughter of his uncle hates her own parents. He can’t even use the bathroom in his own HOUSE. He has to go in the forest and do his buisness out there. That’s straight blasphemous.

At the end of the session a huge deal occurred at Lucy’s bar where Ty is forced to clean every day. Lucy who is a Mafia member basically is kind of blackmailing a 12 year old which is utterly crazy to me. The deal was he was allowed to hang out with his brother every friday night and skip cleaning in return for information about NFL players. The information is used for Fantasy players to know if a player is injured or really playing. As a huge fantasy player my self I know how valuable this information is and is probably way more valuable to people that have thousands on the line.

Uncle gus was not happy about this idea because he didn’t want to clean the bathrooms on Friday every night by himself. At the end of day hes making money out of this deal. Also Ty was allowed to play football for his school team. Uncle Gus also didn’t allow him to do that either. Pretty sad for a 12 year old. If Ty refused Lucy told him he would get people to do bad things to his brother. like I said before straight blasphemous.

I personally just want Ty to confront to his brother and tell him all the dirty things his own UNCLE is making him do.